21st September 2017
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Luis Eduardo Quiroz, Guadalajara, Mexico<br>Accredited 27th April 2017

Luis Eduardo Quiroz, Guadalajara, Mexico
Accredited 27th April 2017

Eduardo is a true lover of good food and good beer especially if they are served at the same table. His career in beer began in his 20s while he was studying gastronomy, he discovered all the magic beer pairing can offer to the taste and even all the possibilities when you cook with it, from this moment his love for beer has only been growing and growing every year. He works at "Beer Machin" which is the main distributor of craft beer in the Pacific centre of Mexico as a seller and expositor of beer, his intention is to grow the brewing culture in Mexico and teach the world that Mexico has very good beers too. You can contact him via email: eduquirozc@hotmail.com

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