20th September 2017
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John Robertson, Edinburgh, Scotland<br>Accredited: 14th May 2015

John Robertson, Edinburgh, Scotland
Accredited: 14th May 2015

Aulay's bar in Oban, Scotland kick started John Robertson's passion for beer and the industry when working as a barman. His very successful career over the last 15 years has always had a strong connection to the drinks industry having worked within bar management at Strathclyde University, retail as a graduate manager for Lidl and in sales for Scotland's largest independent beer wholesaler. For 4 years John worked for a large spirits company managing a sales team based in London and combining the appreciation of world class spirits has given him a unique approach to beer. John's career was given an international twist when he had the opportunity to work with Kingfisher Beer in Europe and in international sales for one of the UK's most successful exporters of speciality beer, Innis & Gunn. John's enthusiasm to share incredible beer has seen him launch Global Beer Collective in 2015 - To give global scale to the best crafted independent beers. Follow his quest on twitter @GlobalBeerJohn


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IBD Media Pack!

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