20th September 2017
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Linda Merete Skogholt, Oslo, Norway<br>Accredited: 14th May 15

Linda Merete Skogholt, Oslo, Norway
Accredited: 14th May 15

I started working in bars and restaurants 15 years ago, passionate to learn about the wonderful drinks and foods of the world. I qualified as a wine sommelier at NSU in Norway in 2012, but beer always felt more natural and "right" for me, coming from a country with a long brewing tradition and with a cuisine well fitted for beers of all sorts. I wanted to learn more about the brewing industry, and since 2012 I have been working with a beer import company, responsible for introducing and building brands like To ├śl (dk), Emelisse (nl) and Rogue ales (us), but I also have been working closely with traditional brands like Erdinger weissbrau, Duvel Moortgat, Orval and Anchor Brewing. I see the Beer Sommelier course as a step in a very interesting journey, and will continue to practice and preach about all the wonderful and kick-ass beers of the world.

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Beer Academy Up & Coming Events

Beer Academy Up & Coming Events To see what we have coming up.
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