20th September 2017
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Breandán Kearney, Co. Down, N. Ireland<br>Accredited: 12th February 2015

Breandán Kearney, Co. Down, N. Ireland
Accredited: 12th February 2015

Breandán's passion for beer was sparked by a move from Ireland to Belgium where he qualified as a Belgian beer connoisseur ('algemene bierkenner') at CVO Panta Rhei in Ghent. He is a proud member of both Beoir, the national beer consumer group in Ireland, and its equivalent in Belgium, Zythos (BLES), as well as a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. He puts all his communications experience from his time as a university coordinator, qualified lawyer and working with media into telling the story of beer through writing, photography and filmmaking. He delivers themed beer tastings, produces films on beer and writes for a number of online and offline publications including the glossy magazine, Belgian Beer and Food and his own blog, Belgian Smaak.

Belgian Beer and Food: http://www.belgianbeerandfood.com/
Belgian Smaak: http://www.belgiansmaak.com/

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