21st September 2017
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Judith Boyle, Co. Kildare, Ireland<br>Accredited: 11th December 2014

Judith Boyle, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Accredited: 11th December 2014

Judith Boyle is a qualified chemist (MSc) and publican. Her scientific interests are wide ranging stretching from petroleum geo-chemistry to beer. The history and stories behind the different beers styles fascinates Judith and her interest and love of beer grew when she joined her family's business a pub andoff-licence in Kildare Town , Ireland. Judith is a 5th generation publican and manages to balance her career in the Irish State Laboratory with working in the pub. Shebelieves her science background enhances her understanding of beer. Knowing the chemical processes and science behind brewing, enables her to identify compounds and chemicals responsible for beer's flavours and faults. Judith is passionate about beer education and is dedicatedto helping people discover new and interesting beers so they can deepen their understanding and enjoyment. Shewrites a weekly beer column in The Leinster Leader, boasting the largest column inches of any printed beer journalism in Ireland . She can be foundhosting tastings at music festivals such as Electric Picnic and at her own premise. Keep up to date with her beer adventures on twitter @miss_judithboyle.

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