19th October 2017
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With over 25 million drinkers maintaining around 700,000 jobs, and generating a retail value of over £18 billion a year, beer in Britain is big business...!

With annual sales in excess of £18 billion per year, beer is undoubtedly Britain's favourite alcoholic drink. More than 25 million of us regularly choose to drink from a range of almost 3,000 beers available in Britain, brewed at home and abroad.

Around 700,000 people in the UK are directly or indirectly employed in brewing and beer selling, supporting 650 operating breweries, including 600 micro breweries. There are 200,000 licensed premises.

Beer is also a major British export with nearly 2.5 million pints of British beer drunk every day overseas. Of course, beer's popularity at home and abroad is also very healthy for the British economy, with the brewing industry contributing nearly £6 billion a year in VAT and duty on beer

Beer is sport's biggest fan

Famous for sporting sponsorships, football, rugby, tennis and golf, to name but a few, have all benefited from an association with beer. The Brewing industry invests £38.2 million a year into Sports and Music related sponsorship in the UK.

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