19th October 2017
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What Is The Beer Academy?

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The Beer Academy is an educational body dedicated to helping people understand, appreciate and enjoy beer sensibly. Founded in 2003 by a small group of beer enthusiasts, it quickly attracted support from brewers (large and small), beer retailers, trade associations and consumer groups who funded the start-up costs and enabled the Academy to put together a series of courses and training materials delivered by a small group of experienced and knowledgeable tutors with a real passion for beer!

To date approximately 4,000 'students' have attended Beer Academy courses (See courses) together with a further 10,000 who have enjoyed Academy talks and beer tastings at venues like the BBC Good Food Show, the Great British Beer Festival and the British Museum as well as in pubs and bars up and down the country.

Some formats, such as the Foundation Course, were originally developed for those who work in breweries and pubs. This has proved incredibly successful within the beer industry and some companies have adapted the course to provide induction training for new starters. However this course is also a great introduction to the world of beer for beer novices and enthusiasts alike. The Foundation course (City & Guilds Accredited at NVQ Level 1) and includes taste training (13 beers tasted); beer and food matching; beer presentation; beer styles and beer and health. Course tutors are experienced master brewers with a passion for beer! The course is supported by a comprehensive set of notes and an optional multiple choice examination to test the level of knowledge acquired. Read more about this Course here.

Other courses, such as the half day 'Beer & Food course' are designed for people with an interest in learning about how to match beer with food and particularly for those who work with food in pubs, hotels or restaurants. As Garrett Oliver says in 'The Brewmaster's Table', "What real beer can do... it can make every single decent meal an interesting and memorable flavour experience. Learn a little about the amazing variety and complexity of flavour that traditional beer brings to the table and in return I promise you a better life." Read more about this course here

The Advanced course takes students into detailed study of beer styles - what makes them different, how they develop, how to taste them and beer and food matching. Read more about this course click here

Our Beer Steward online course provides the essential introduction to Beer - which will provide all those working in the Beer Sector, but particularly those working directly with consumers, the essential knowledge to allow them to qualify as a 'Beer Steward'.

For people who like beer but don't know much about it, these courses introduce drinkers to beer and its different styles and flavours with our themed events - from Belgium beers to American craft brews - and much more! The start of the journey...discover the wide range of tastes and flavours from around the world.90 Minute Tasting Sessions andvisit ourEvents & Conferences.

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